Waiver of Liability/Indemnity and Consent Dear Parent

• I understand that if my enrolment for my child/children in any CCSS program and activity is accepted that I agree to this release, waiver of liability, indemnity and consent as set out herein. I hereby release and indemnify CCSS and its affiliates (officers, servants and agents, employees, volunteers, contractors, sponsors, participants, parents, venues and stakeholders) from all claims, costs, proceedings, liabilities and expenses arising from or in any way connected with my child's participation in CCSS programs and activities.
• My child will participate at my own risk, and I accept all risks associated with the activity including injury, permanent incapacitation, death, loss and damage.
• Participation in CCSS classes and events does not include Personal Injury Insurance.
• My child will wear suitable and appropriate clothing, footwear and equipment. I accept that my child's personal property may be lost or damaged and that my child may cause injury to other persons or damage their property.
• I understand that participation is of a physical nature. I declare as a condition of participation, that my child has sufficient personal fitness to be able to safely participate and that I am not aware of any illness, injury, disability or condition which may preclude my child from participating and/or cause my child injury, death or loss while participating in CCSS programs and activities.
• I understand that I must disclose any pre-existing medical or other condition that may affect the risk that either my child or any other person will suffer injury, loss or damage and waiver any claim they might have on. I consent to first aid being administered by a CCSS staff member who is the holder of a current first aid certificate.
• I agree that if my child is injured or ill that CCSS and its affiliates may at my cost and expense arrange medical treatment and emergency transportation to hospital or a doctor as deemed necessary, by CCSS and its affiliates.
• I agree that I am responsible for my child's medical and ambulance costs and insurance. My child will not engage in any conduct, on or off the field, which places other participants at risk of injury or death and/or which is in the opinion of CCSS and its affiliates, considered to be unreasonable or unsportsmanlike behaviour.
• The determination of whether my child's conduct places or placed other persons at risk of injury or death and/or which is or was unreasonable or unsportsmanlike behaviour is solely at the discretion CCSS and its affiliates and I agree to be bound by that determination.
• I give permission for my child to be collected from CCSS by my nominated contacts. I will advise CCSS immediately if any other person is authorised to collect my child. My child will not be released into the care of a minor (less than 18 years).
• I agree for my child's personal details to be entered into a database held by CCSS which will be used for the administration of programs and activities and may also be used for future marketing and promotion of CCSS programs and activities.
• I give consent for CCSS staff members to take photographs or videos of the classes and events where my child might attend, for marketing and/or publicity use. Photographs/videos taken by parents/guardians may only be used for personal use. A parent and/or guardian of a child must be present at all times throughout a program or activity when the child has not started Kindergarten. Children can attend a School Holiday Camp without parent/guardian supervision only if they have turned 4 years and 6 months. No food and/or drinks are to be taken onto the playing area.
• Participants must have a bottle of water available at all times that can be refilled as needed. I will encourage my child and applaud good play and performances and will not participate in any form of violent, threatening, abusive or discriminatory behaviour.
• Smoking is prohibited in all indoor and outdoor venues even if the venue terms of admission permit smoking, I will adhere to the venue terms of admission at all times.
• Staff cannot accept children who are sick for the safety of all children attending the program. Parents/guardians are asked to make other arrangements for their children in these circumstances.
• I have read and understood the terms set out above and I have asked CCSS for clarification on any area/s.
• I freely and voluntarily without any inducement declare my online acceptance (as if I was signing the form) to be complete and an unconditional release of all indemnity.

Terms and Conditions
The following terms and conditions apply to all activities unless otherwise stated within the specific activities listed below;
Soccer Camps:
• In the event that COVID restrictions prohibit us from running a camp a full refund or credit note will be given.
• It is recommended for the children to wear comfortable clothes such as t-shirt and shorts, and comfortable playing shoes that protect the toes, such as trainers. Studded soccer shoes are optional. In winter jogging trousers, long sleeved tops and wet weather clothing such as a rain jacket is recommended.
• Shin pads are recommended for all children and are COMPULSORY for children aged 5 upwards
. • Our programme will include scheduled breaks for drinks and snacks. CCSS does not supply any food or drinks. It is recommended for water bottles and lunch packs to have the children’s name on it
. • Parents / guardians are not required to be in attendance for the duration of the camp, but are welcome to stay and are encouraged to do so at the beginning of the camp if the child is nervous and would benefit from extra help settling in.
• Parents / guardians will be contacted immediately in the case of an emergency. Therefore, we request that parents / guardians remain within a reasonable distance of the location of the soccer camp.
• For cancellations more than 7 days before the commencement of the soccer camp, your booking amount, minus a $30 admin fee, will be offered in the form of a credit note to be used at future camps. This credit note will be valid for 1 year from when it is offered.
• For cancellations less than 7 days before the commencement of the soccer camp, a refund / credit note will not be given, unless in extreme circumstances such as a broken limb where a medical note is provided. Please notify CCSS straight away and CCSS will consider issuing a credit note at its discretion.
• A decision on the weather will be made 45 minutes before the start of the soccer camp each day. We will run the camp in the rain or until the fields become unsafe to use. If the camp is cancelled that day, we will contact you, and a credit note will be given FOR THE VALUE OF 1 DAY CAMP, to be used within 12 months.
• We reserve the right to amend the venue and / or coach without any obligation to credit note or refund the purchase price but will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible.
• Futsal session cancellations 24hr written notice is required before the commencement of the session. No refund will be given but a makeup session will be made available on the next available session.

 Insurance Disclaimer
• Sporting activities require physical exertion and include a risk of injury. Participation of your child/yourself or your guests is your acceptance of that risk, on their behalf. CCSS will not accept liability for the injury or death of any person at a CCSS session or event. • CCSS is committed to safety and will provide at least one coach with a current First Aid Certificate.